mardi 29 juillet 2014

Collaborative leadership starts with you !

The flow of 2.0 technologies and employees expectations in organizations, especially the younger generation, converge on Mass Collaboration. Enterprise Social Networks are just the support for this managerial (r) evolution.

Relevant response to many changes and companies transformation challenges (size companies  increase, remote locations, teleworking, team management more transversaly skills globalization, nomadism ...);  collaborative and networks tools  can reinvent digital cooperation and accelerate proximity management that 2.0 experts called  “Collaborative Leadership” ... and that, as practitioner , I try to successfully implement in large organizations.

But with the implementation of those ESN and strong challenges that they generated, like  porosity, instantaneous communication, transversality, transparency ... it is more and more obvious that these collaboration tools are a small part of the solution.

Face of substantive issues it is urgent to transform our managerial cultures and help all managers, team leaders, project managers or executives to understand their new roles and become true leaders of communities. Able to show the way for (re)mobilizing people by giving vision to the goals of the team, facilitating knowledge sharing, being exemplary to develop employee engagement.

In fact only a new dynamic management style, based on the animation, listening, and stimulating collaborative behaviors allow our employees to find new landmarks and become fully commit to the goals that has been defined jointly.

We are in an age of many cultural breaks; It’s time to implement and stimulate ourself the development of new business management mindset, most Collaborative, most Creative, and especially more efficient thanks to the animation of digital Communities

Otherwise our firm of the future, more agile, more innovative, more efficient and more social, will struggle to emerge.

I hope I have convinced you that new managerial Cultures and Communities Collaboration are imperative to success. 
If you want to see what the failure to collaborate will looks like, look at some of your competitors :)
If you want to see what the potential for collaborative success looks like, look in the mirror; Collaborative leadership starts with you ! 

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